The Massage Shop is nestled in the heart of Edmonton's downtown core on the 7th Floor in the Empire Building. Our practitioners have extensive experience and a passion for what they do. This ain't your ordinary clinic, this is the best Massage Shop downtown Edmonton has to offer.



Bobbi Haugen RMT Is Sport Massage Orientated. Her style is deep tissue. PLEASE NOTE** her massage is not for everyone. Bobbi does not do relaxation.

Jennifer Mackay RMT Uses a unique style that allows the body to feel relaxed at the end of her sessions. Her style has flow and is an excellent mix of deep tissue and relaxation. Jenn also uses Craniosacral Therapy in her massages when required.

Mercadeas Bettschen RMT Is therapeutic orientated in her practice and focuses on the root cause of pain and discomfort. She takes a deep tissue, sports massage approach to her practice. She loves using active release and cupping in her sessions when needed. She is studying Manual Osteopathy in the coming year, that will be introduced into her massages.

Kelly Supervich RMT is Therapeutic and Sports orientated in her treatments. She uses deep tissue and dynamic cupping to achieve lasting results. Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy are also among her skills. Next year Kelly will be completing her Manual Osteopathy.


Brittney Lehne RMT style is a mix of therapeutic, deep tissue and relaxation. Brittney incorporates myofascial release, trigger point therapy and cupping into her treatments.

Mellissa Hawk RMT chose a career in Massage Therapy to foster the healing power of touch. She specializes in medium to lighter pressure, cupping, prenatal massage, TMJ and lymphatic drainage.

Massage Therapy

30 min $64

45 min $74

60 min $94

75 min $114

90 min $134

Hours of Operation 

Monday to Friday 9:30 am -6:30 pm

Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am - 4:00 pm